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Shiny modules to import and manipulate data into an application or addin.


This package provides custom shiny modules to import data from various sources, select, rename and convert variables in a dataset and validate content with validate package.
The modules can be used in any standard shiny application or RStudio add-in.


Currently you can use {datamods} in the following language: english (default), french, macedonian, brazilian portuguese, albanian, chinese, spanish, german, turkish, korean, polish, japanese.

If you want another language to be supported, you can submit a Pull Request to add a CSV file like the one used for french (file is located in inst/i18n folder in the package, you can see it here on GitHub).

See the online vignette for more on this topic.


Install from CRAN with:


You can install the development version of datamods from GitHub with:



Import data from:

  • environment: such as Global environment or from a package
  • file: text files, Excel, SAS or SPSS format… anything that package rio can handle
  • copy/paste: paste data from an other source like Excel or text file
  • Google Sheet: use the URL to import the Googlesheet
  • URL: use a URL to import from a flat table

Each module is available in the form import_file_ui() / import_file_server() and can be use independently.

Or all modules can be launched together in a modal window via import_modal() / import_server():

This module also allow to view imported data and to update variables.


Module update_variables_ui() / update_variables_server() allow to:

  • select variables of interest in a dataset
  • rename variables to be used in application after that
  • convert variables to change their class, from character to numeric for example


Define some validation rules with package validate and check whether data lives up to those expectations.


Interactively filter a data.frame, this module also generates the code to reproduce the filters.


This module extracts a sample from a data.frame, based either on a fixed number of rows or on a percentage of total rows.


This module makes a data.frame editable, allowing the user to add, modify or delete rows.

Create column

This module allow to enter an expression to create a new column in a data.frame.

Cut numeric variable

This module contain an interface to cut a numeric into several intervals.

Update factor

This module contain an interface to reorder the levels of a factor variable.