An add-in to easily create plots with ggplot2

esquisser(data = NULL, coerceVars = getOption(x =
  "esquisse.coerceVars", default = TRUE), viewer = getOption(x =
  "esquisse.viewer", default = "dialog"))



a data.frame, you can pass a data.frame explicitly to the function, otherwise you'll have to choose one in global environment.


If TRUE allow to coerce variables to different type when selecting data.


Where to display the gadget: "dialog", "pane" or "browser" (see viewer).


code to reproduce chart.


if (interactive()) { # Launch with : esquisser(iris) # If in RStudio it will be launched by default in dialog window # If not, it will be launched in browser # Launch esquisse in browser : esquisser(iris, viewer = "browser") # You can set this option in .Rprofile : options("esquisse.viewer" = "viewer") # or options("esquisse.viewer" = "browser") # esquisse use shiny::runApp # see ?shiny::runApp to see options # available, example to use custom port: options("shiny.port" = 8080) esquisser(iris, viewer = "browser") }