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toastui 0.3.3

CRAN release: 2024-03-28

toastui 0.3.2

CRAN release: 2024-03-02

Breaking changes

  • grid_proxy_delete_row(): argument index renamed rowKey and now expect the row key of the row to delete, you can find the rowKey value in input$<outputId>_data.
  • input$<outputId>_data is now given with an extra column rowKey thats gives the internant row key of the row.

toastui 0.3.1

CRAN release: 2024-02-09

toastui 0.3.0

CRAN release: 2023-06-20

toastui 0.2.1

CRAN release: 2022-01-11

  • First CRAN submission.
  • Updated JavaScript dependencies (tui-calendar 1.15.1, @toast-ui/chart 4.4.1, tui-grid 4.20.0).

toastui 0.2.0

  • Use packer to manage JavaScript source code and dependencies.
  • Updated JavaScript dependencies (tui-calendar 1.14.1, @toast-ui/chart 4.4.1, tui-grid 4.19.2).


  • Updated JavaScript dependencies (tui-calendar 1.13.0, @toast-ui/chart 4.3.5, tui-grid 4.18.0).
  • New function cal_timezone() to set calendar timezone.
  • New function cal_proxy_toggle() to show / hide schedules based on calendar ID.
  • Grid: new options for filters language, see ?set_grid_lang

toastui 0.1.2

  • Added a file to track changes to the package.
  • Added datagrid() & helpers to create interactive tables based on tui-grid.
  • Added calendar() & helpers to create interactive calendars based on tui-calendar.
  • Added chart() & helpers to create interactive charts based on tui-chart.