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shinyWidgets 0.7.6

  • Updated virtual-select-plugin to 1.0.36.
  • Updated air-datepicker to 3.3.2, fix #553.

shinyWidgets 0.7.5

CRAN release: 2022-11-17

  • Updated virtual-select-plugin to 1.0.34.
  • Updated air-datepicker to 3.3.1 with language support for japanese and korean.
  • Updated treeInput() collapse and expand methods (in javascript).

Bug fixes

shinyWidgets 0.7.4

CRAN release: 2022-10-05

  • New widget treeInput() based on treejs library.
  • Updated virtual-select-plugin to 1.0.33.
  • updateVirtualSelect() has a new argument disabledChoices to disable some choices from the menu.
  • It’s now possible to use variable with space in their name in selectizeGroup module, thanks to @evgeniyftw.

Bug fixes

  • switchInput() produced an error when using bslib::bs_theme(version = "3") #528.
  • Fixed a bug in pickerGroup module when using aggregate #491.
  • Fixed highlightedDates no longer works for airDatePicker() #532.

shinyWidgets 0.7.3

CRAN release: 2022-08-31

Bug fixes

  • pickerInput’s custom input to know if the menu is open or closed wasn’t working anymore after using updatePickerInput #522

shinyWidgets 0.7.2

CRAN release: 2022-08-07

Breaking changes

shinyWidgets 0.7.1

CRAN release: 2022-07-13

  • Updated virtual-select-plugin to 1.0.30
  • pickerInput bindings: fixed update method when using Bootstrap 5.
  • virtualSelectInput state (opened or closed) is now available with input$<inputId>_open.

shinyWidgets 0.7.0

CRAN release: 2022-05-11

Bug fixes

  • Removed formula argument from aggregate() to accomode to R 4.2.0 (fix #491)

shinyWidgets 0.6.4

CRAN release: 2022-02-06

Bug fixes

  • Revert bootstrap-switch-js to 3.3.4 to fix bug when value = TRUE.
  • Fixed a bug in colorSelectorInput() causing not returning an input value.

shinyWidgets 0.6.3

CRAN release: 2022-01-10

Bug fixes

shinyWidgets 0.6.2

CRAN release: 2021-09-17

shinyWidgets 0.6.1

CRAN release: 2021-09-06

shinyWidgets 0.6.0

CRAN release: 2021-03-15

shinyWidgets 0.5.7

CRAN release: 2021-02-03

shinyWidgets 0.5.6

CRAN release: 2021-01-20

  • Fixed failing test with upcoming shiny release

shinyWidgets 0.5.5

CRAN release: 2021-01-13

shinyWidgets 0.5.4

CRAN release: 2020-10-06

Bug fixes

shinyWidgets 0.5.3

CRAN release: 2020-06-01

shinyWidgets 0.5.2

CRAN release: 2020-05-14

  • New function execute_safely() to display a message in case of error and don’t stop application.
  • airDatepickerInput() has two new arguments:
    • onlyTimepicker: to only display the time picker part of the widget.
    • firstDay: day index from which week will be started
  • knobInput() has two new arguments : pre and post to add prefix/suffix to the value displayed.
  • Updated awesome*() dependencies.
  • Sweet alert family:

Bug fixes

  • Changes in dropMenu() bindings to work with inputs updates.
  • downloadBttn() worked only when clicking the label, now you can click the full button #271.

shinyWidgets 0.5.1

CRAN release: 2020-03-04

shinyWidgets 0.5.0

CRAN release: 2019-11-18

  • selectizeGroupServer()(module selectizeGroup) now accept reactive data and reactive vars arguments, see examples for details ?selectizeGroupServer.
  • Internal optimization of pickerInput for large list of choices.
  • pickerInput()’s choicesOpt argument now accept an element tokens that can be use to declare keywords for live-search.
  • pickerUpdate() : updated dependencies & bindings, now live-search & multiple selection works fine together #142.
  • useSweetAlert() now accept a theme argument to customize Sweet Alerts appearance (e.g. with sendSweetAlert for example).
  • updateMulti() preserve character encoding #232.
  • Fixed a bug in verticalTabPanel() preventing outputs to be displayed #237.

shinyWidgets 0.4.9

CRAN release: 2019-09-10

shinyWidgets 0.4.8

CRAN release: 2019-03-18

  • Remove a unit test that was not compatible with an upcoming version of Shiny.

shinyWidgets 0.4.7

CRAN release: 2019-03-12

  • add useArgonDash to import functions from argonDash.
  • add useBs4Dash to import functions from bs4Dash.
  • Fix updating searchInput label & placeholder in modules.
  • Fix issue with ghost sidebar in useShinydashboard.
  • Fix issue updating prettyRadio & prettyCheckbox with icons.

shinyWidgets 0.4.5

CRAN release: 2019-02-18

  • Fix a bug with awesome* widgets due to FontAwesome upgrade in Shiny @AshesITR.
  • New methods for mutating vertical tabs (appendVerticalTab, removeVerticalTab, reorderVerticalTabs) by @ifellows
  • New widget numericRangeInput by @wkdavis.

shinyWidgets 0.4.4

CRAN release: 2018-11-05

  • New function updateMultiInput for updating multiInput, thanks to @ifellows.
  • New function updateVerticalTabsetPanel for updating verticalTabsetPanel.
  • Update options for knobInput and airDatepickerInput.
  • Custom unit & range in progress bars (arguments unit_mark & range_value in progressBar).
  • Argument update_on to choose when trigger update server-side in spectrumInput.
  • Vertical layout in selectizeGroup.
  • New function pickerOptions to help using pickerInput options argument.
  • Bug fix with size argument in actionGroupButtons.
  • dropdown button act like an actionButton (same behavior as dropdownButton)
  • Update Bootstrap-Select JavaScript library from 1.12.4 to 1.13.3 (used in pickerInput).

shinyWidgets 0.4.3

CRAN release: 2018-05-30

  • New functions to customize sliderInput : chooseSliderSkin and setSliderColor by @DivadNojnarg.
  • New function downloadBttn, a downloadButton with custom appearance.
  • New widget airDatepickerInput, to select single, multiple and range of dates. You can also select time. And two shortcuts to select months or years.
  • New function to add spinners when outputs are recalculating.
  • New function useShinydashboard to use functions from ‘shinydashboard’ into a classic ‘shiny’ app, specifically valueBox, infoBox and box.
  • New functions setBackgroundColor and setBackgroundImage to change background color or use an image, by @DivadNojnarg.

shinyWidgets 0.4.2

CRAN release: 2018-03-30

  • New function updateSearchInput to update searchInput server-side #52.
  • New argument inline to prettySwitch, prettyToggle and prettyCheckbox to position checkboxes side by side.
  • New argument html to confirmSweetAlert and sendSweetAlert to pass HTML tags in alert window #48.
  • New Shiny modules to create dependent select menu : selectizeGroup and pickerGroup.
  • New widget : noUiSlider, a minimal slider range for numeric values.

shinyWidgets 0.4.1

CRAN release: 2018-01-28

  • New functions with Sweet Alert : confirmSweetAlert (confirmation dialog box), inputSweetAlert (text input dialog box), progressSweetAlert (progress bar in popup).
  • Update Sweet Alert library to 2.O
  • sendSweetAlert works without using useSweetAlert in UI.
  • Update multi.js to 0.2.4
  • Update bootstrap switch to 3.3.4
  • Change minimal version of R to 3.3.1
  • Function to toggle dropdown server-side : toggleDropdownButton.

Bug fixes : * Fix logic on when btn-size class is added to button by @coolbutuseless. * Bug in dependencies between pretty* and bttn.

shinyWidgets 0.4.0

CRAN release: 2017-11-16

  • New widget : spectrumInput for choosing colors in palettes or custom one.
  • New widgets : prettyCheckbox, prettySwitch, prettyToggle, prettyCheckboxGroup and prettyRadioButtons for create pretty checkboxes, toggle switch, radio buttons with colors, icons and a lot of options.
  • New widget : knobInput a round slider, thanks to @DivadNojnarg.

Bug fixes: * Bug when initializing (in modal window or in renderUI) pickerInput and switchInput. * awesomeCheckboxGroup not working when inline = FALSE, thanks to @meganhartwell-stemcell, @dStudio-git, @Nicolabo to report this. * Weird behavior of inputs in dropdown reported by @markdumke.

shinyWidgets 0.3.6

CRAN release: 2017-10-19

  • New widget : sliderTextInput : a slider for character vector.
  • New arguments choiceNames & choiceValues for checkboxGroupButtons & radioGroupButtons to easily pass HTML in the names displayed on the buttons.
  • New argument inline to materialSwitch, thanks to @FrissAnalytics.

shinyWidgets 0.3.5

CRAN release: 2017-10-06

  • Support for bookmarking state.
  • Support for tooltip from bsplus.
  • Upgrade pickerInput to bootstrap-select 1.12.4.
  • Upgrade switchInput to bootstrap-switch 3.3.4.
  • Remove receiveSweetAlert for simpler use with useSweetAlert.
  • Add inline argument to materialSwitch (#17).
  • Display code for dropdowns in gallery.

shinyWidgets 0.3.4

CRAN release: 2017-08-15

This release fix a bug in the gallery and add tests.

Bug fixes

  • Fix a bug when in checkboxGroupButtons when individual = TRUE, causing shinyWidgetsGallery on launch.

shinyWidgets 0.3.3

CRAN release: 2017-08-07

Several updates methods implemented.

New features

  • Add function updateAwesomeCheckbox for updating single awesome checkbox.
  • New function panel to create similar panel than in shinydashboard.
  • New arguments and examples for updateSwitchInput, updateRadioGroupButtons, updateCheckboxGroupButtons, updateAwesomeRadio, updateAwesomeCheckboxGroup

Minor new features and improvements

  • Buttons in searchInput are now actionButton, see #11

shinyWidgets 0.3.2

CRAN release: 2017-07-24

Better documentation and examples. Alternative function to create a dropdown. New function colorSelector.